Vote best Kickboxing in Tampa Bay! Jim Graden’s Martial Arts & fitness has 20 Fitness Kickboxing classes a week. Including three different class styles, kickboxing, Fighter Fit, and our NEW Kick-Bata Class on Saturday morning. Classes start as early as 6:15 am and as late as 7:30 pm, with many class times in between, Monday thru Saturday. Our classes are designed so anyone can participate, young, old, fat or skinny all classes are self-pace so everyone can get the workout that they are looking for. I think you will agree our fitness kickboxing program is the best in Tampa Bay!



Jim graden’s martial Arts and Fitness teaches the perfect blend of martial arts traditional values of integrity, respect and self-discipline, along with effective modern martial arts techniques that will help teach your child to be a disciplined leader that can defend themselves.


Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC)

The Ultimate Body Challenge (UBC) 10-week Course combines fitness Kickboxing with resistance training and a sound nutritional Program to get you in the best shape of your Life! The best part about the UBC is you are not doing alone you will have teammates and coaches assigned to you to give the guidance and support you need to get the results you are looking for.


COBRA Self-Defense

A Police Academy For Civilians! This 10-week academy benefits everyone regardless of age, sex, experience or current physical condition. COBRA has been created with one purpose in mind, the student. COBRA is NOT structured like a martial art system. The training and structure are in an academy format. The program and it’s approach to self-defense is cutting edge and like nothing you have ever seen before. It’s an empowering program for those who desire to learn real world self-defense.


Adult Martial Arts

Learn from a true Modern Master!  Jim Graden is a former world kickboxing champion and a 7th degree master in the Joe Lewis Fighting System (JLFS). Jim is one of only ten to hold a masters rank when Joe Lewis passed in 2014. Jim trained directly under Joe Lewis for over 20 years, a man that many people (including Chuck Norris) thought was the greatest martial artist of the 20th Century. Jim combines the fight strategies and Combat Sequences of JLFS along with the street smarts of the COBRA Self-defense system. Plus he adds the nutrition and fitness goal setting of the Ultimate Body Challenge. All rolled into a three-year black belt course that will have a major positive impact on your life.


Over 30 Years of Black Belt Excellence!

Engage your mind and your body will follow! Motivation gets you going, learning keeps you going!